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Professional Security system including Installation

Regular price: $1910

GES Security HDCVI surveillance system consist of 4 GESEYEMegX015 IR Vandal Proof cameras with 2.2Mega-pixels (Full 1080P) resolution and it’s suitable for indoor / outdoor use, allowing you to view at night for over 100feets in complete darkness. Our GESHDCVI0 4CH Video Recording interface includes the following features: Supports Motion detection, Email notification & scheduling. The unit can display analog, HDCVI & IP cameras at the same time for total of 4 cameras.

All our GES Security System are easy to use and user friendly even for the novice user.

Regular price: $2830.00

Looking to have outdoor IP cameras, and still you don’t want to spend a fortune, select this value package as your preferred solution.
This GES Security HDCVI Multi Tribrid Unit system includes an GESHDCVI – 08CH  & 6 GESEYE-MegX015  Hires Eyeball IR indoor/ outdoor Vandal Proof cameras.
These cameras will produce crisp and clear picture on your DVR Unit, allowing you to see day & night. Our E-Net Digital Video Recording.

All our GES Security System are easy to use and user friendly even for the novice user.

Regular price: $3630.00

GES Security can provide you with our GESHDCVI-08CH-H265 Tribird top selection of channel security system, that can give you a higher compression rate on your recording, resulting in a longer recording time, Email notification bookmark and search by event.
Our GESHDCVI-08CH-H265  Video Recording system With our 2.2Mega Pixels 08 GESEYE-MegX015  outdoor cameras will produce top notch view thanks to our unique customized Settings done by our technicians.

All our GES Security System are easy to use and user friendly even for the novice user.

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Our top GES GESHDCVIM30-16CH-H265 Tribird will result in a professional coverage and still will be easy to handle by the novice user. The Main stream of our DVR is built on high compression H265 to save on video storage and speed up video feed. This recording Unit will cover any dwelling from large warehouse o any building properties. Our clients who used this recording system where talking highly about it as it is easy to use still covering any type of IP cameras out there.

GES Security always use top quality security system so you can be secure & safe at your home.

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GES Security offers cutting-edge HD-CVI solutions to those clients that want the convenience of having their security system accessible through their personal computer or Smartphone. We offer high-resolution cameras that can effectively monitor indoor and outdoor locations from everywhere. If you have access to the internet, HD-CVI solutions is the answer for you. HD-CVI Solution is the surveillance systems of the digital age, integrating seamlessly with cutting edge technology we can take you to the next level. By simply using your computer or Smartphone, you get immediate access to video and audio feeds from your cameras. Mounting and installation is easy, as well. You simply provide your instructions for what it is you want, and we will accommodate and install accordingly. Here at GES Security, we strive to provide a personalized experience, adjusting to each individual client’s wishes.

HD-CVI solutions arm you with a convenient technology that allows you to see more of what you want from where you want. With Hd-CVI solutions, you need not have a room devoted to surveillance, as any device able to access the internet transforms into a handheld security room. Our technology empowers you to keep tabs on your environment by placing access to our surveillance tools in your palm.

IP solution will provide you with a top notch picture quality for up to 1080P resolution and even higher. See it on our web site under demonstration & documentation.