As a business owner, you’ve probably wished at one point or another that you could be everywhere at once. Part of this likely comes from the looming threat of criminal activity in your business, which is almost inevitable in any retail store. Keeping a store staffed enough to have watchful eyes all over the store and your property can get really expensive on the payroll end of things, and since crime is not always happening it’s actually pretty wasteful. The best thing you can do to keep an eye on all corners of your business at once is to install security cameras. Here are three places in and around your store that security cameras for businesses are essential:

Parking lots
Though security cameras for businesses are effective to some degree anywhere they are located, they are mosteffective in parking lots, where reports show a 51% decrease in crime. Parking lots are popular targets for thieves since there are usually a number of vehicles to break into, and many people leave valuables such as music players, CDs, chargers, and even cash in them. Parking lots are often desolate at night and sometimes dimly lit, which gives thieves or vandals an ideal environment to get away with anything. Outdoor security cameras systems can help reduce the chances that criminals will target your business and will protect your employees’ and customers’ belongings, as well as your property.

Entry points
You should also install commercial security cameras near entrances and exits. This way, every single person who comes into and leaves your business will be captured on video. If you find that there has been an instance of theft in your business (which often happens only after the perpetrator has left), you can sift through the footage to pick out anyone exhibiting suspicious behaviors. Video footage from commercial security cameras is increasingly relied upon in criminal investigations and can help you recover your merchandise (or help the police serve justice).

Secluded areas inside your business
Security cameras for businesses should also be installed in secluded areas and corners that thieves might be attracted to. Of course there are criminals who would try to steal right in front of you, but many of them will carry merchandise to an unattended part of your store to try to remove tags or security features or conceal it in their clothing or bags.

If you already have a cheap security camera system, it might be time to upgrade. Technology is always advancing, and security products are no exception. Wireless security cameras systems are probably the easiest way to have cameras installed in all of the above areas, since they do not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. When you consult professionals about security products, you should see if there are any other measures that might be right for you and your business (like security access systems, for example).