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GES Security provides top notch professional Security Camera Installation in Toronto & The GTA as well we are experts installing Access Control systems for over 21 years. We provide cutting edge technology for homes, commercial building & condominiums. With a growing list of our Satisfied Clients we can assure you to be one of them.

We install our professional security cameras in Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough & Markham as well other location in the GTA. GES Security solution offers state of the art surveillance system suitable to single complex or entire campus. Our CCTV Products are flexible and can be adjusted to nearly any indoor or outdoor areas. We are known to provide excellent service, competitive prices & deals to our clients.

We are listed as one of the top leader in CCTV & anti-theft protection provider in Ontario Canada. Our goal is to assist our clients to protect & secure their valuable & dwelling against praying eyes, therefor we are providing our clients a vast of tools and options for any situation were security needed so you could be safe!

Get your Professional Security Camera Installation today!

Lite Series Packages

Start @ $1200.00 Including complete installation.

Note: All our CCTV Systems & security cameras installed by our certified installers

Our time has changed! All our Security Cameras Installations Toronto are here to change our view on security measures! Security cameras are must at any location to provide piece of mind and security.

Due to the increasing threat & violation in our society, security measures must be taken immediately so we can secure family & of cures ourselves.

Don’t let your yourself submerged in fake feeling that everything is okay and nothing will happened to me. Using security camera or cameras system also known as CCTV at your location can completely avoid Break-in at your home, business and make the  thieves think twice before choosing to break in to your location. Having your home security cameras installed by professional, will give you all the security you need.

The Security Technologies has evolved to provide you a verity of new era to protect you and your family. Use the latest Wireless Security Cameras in Toronto, or new IP Security cameras that can provide you a clear and crisp video of your surroundings area.  As the new cameras are getting smaller and low cost to purchase, you can install your wireless cameras or wired cameras at any place.

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Using our Professional Security cameras installations Toronto & GTA can provide you an amazing security for your home & business.

GES Security can provide a vast of tools and solutions to our clients.  Some clients prefer the Wireless solutions than the wired solutions however they still need some cables to be installed for power that runs throughout the wall.

Choosing wired cameras or Wireless, Thermal cameras, PTZ cameras, and pinhole cameras can solve most of visibility and If you need to browse your location from a remote site, use our top notch PTZ Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, so you could zoom and see any object from all direction in close-up. Use our Thermal cameras to see in complete dark any object by heat signature even if it’s raining and very foggy outside.

Use our pinhole cameras to hide & conceal your camera at any place you want, other Security cameras can be concealed in an alarm clock, teddy bear or even in your book shelves and any imaginable assets in your place. See our hidden cameras selection for hidden pinhole cameras and other covert devices…

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Professional IP Security cameras for home & business in Toronto are installed for over 20 years with the new video compression of H264 & H265+. When these IP Cameras installed, you will get the best video and picture than other CCTV Solutions.

All our Wireless security Cameras & Wierd security Cameras are using video compression H265+. With this type of compression you’ll be able to view a crisp & clear image in high resolution and in much faster frame rate. The new IP Security Cameras are all equipped with online P2P connection, allowing you to view them even without any dedicated NVR recorder. Furthermore, the IP Security Cameras these day have the ability to transmit video to any place in the world via the internet connection, haven said that all the IP Security cameras by far more advanced than older type of Security cameras based on Coax cables. Each camera can work independently yet aggregated to one picture allowing you to view and secure your place from any place. Some clients preffring to use the wireless security cameras over the wired cameras as they hope not to use any wires, however infact using Wireless security cameras will force you to run power wires to the cameras.

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We offer the most reliable Access Control solution for Residential & Commercial Facilities…

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GES Security offers as well a verity of  reliable automatic door operator as Ditec…

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We provide top notch Licence Plate Reader to grab any motor vehicles at your location…

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Security camera installation Toronto
Security camera installation Toronto
Security camera installation Toronto
Security camera installation Toronto

We Provide Professional Security camera installation in Toronto & GTA.

We serve the following areas:

Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton

Scarborough, Markham

Scarborough, Markham,

Vaughan, North York, Richmond-Hill

Aurora, Pickering, Ajax

Whitby, Oshawa, Stouffville