GES Security offers cutting-edge High Definition HDCVI  solutions to those clients that want the convenience of having their security system wirelessly accessible through their personal computer or Smartphone. We offer high-resolution cameras that can effectively monitor indoor and outdoor locations from wherever you have access to the internet! HDCVI solutions are the surveillance systems of the digital age, integrating seamlessly with the technology we take with us every day. By simply using your computer or Smartphone, you get immediate access to video and audio feeds from your camera. Mounting and installation is easy, as well. You simply provide your instructions for what it is you want, and we will accommodate and install accordingly. Here at GES Security, we strive to provide a personalized experience, adjusting to each individual client’s wishes.

HDCVI solutions arm you with a convenient technology that allows you to see more of what you want from where you want. With HDCVI solutions, you don’t need a room devoted for surveillance, as any device able to access the internet transforms into a handheld security room. Our technology empowers you to keep tabs on your environment by placing access to our surveillance tools in your palm.

HDCVI solution will provide you with a top notch picture quality for up to 1080P x 1920P at 2.4 Megapixels resolution and beyond.

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