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Mircom Intercom System

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Mircom Intercom For Residential & Commercial Building

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What is an Intercom system and way Choose Mircom Lobby Intercom – Lobby Entry Phone system as your solution?

Key features:

Having Intercom system at your premises will provide an easy access to reach your tenets or workers. Using the built-in camera will allow you to communicate and choose if to allow entry to your location. The Mircom system provide 2-way communication as well a video feed for your security. Using the visual scroll screen allow you to select your tenet on the fly. No more printed listing or scrolling through hundreds of names in order to find your tenet. Allow optional keyless entry to the building for certain individuals as required for example your cleaners or maintenance personal. The Mircom entry system can integrate into your existing Access Control system as well. All tenet listing can be updated from any computer on the network via the Mircom configurator software.

**Add up to 2000 tenets names to your device.

**Add provision for postal lock

**Multi-language support; English, French, and Chinese

**Built-in Wiegand proximity reader; 125 KHz / Acess Control card reader

Mircom Building Entry System & Access Control

GES Security install & service all Mircom panels including the TX3 Touch & all integrated telephone entry system.  Get the best entry system for your building and don’t compromise on cheaper intercom devices. Mircom intercom systems are trusted among high establishments as police station, hospitals, and goverment locations as well residential and commercial establishments. Elevate and upgrade yourself to new generation of building lobby entry system. Use the built-in proximity card reader to allow entry to your building without having additional access control system. use the WI-FI controller to establish connection to your panel wirelessly.

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