GES Security took great care of my business. I needed security measures to cut down on thefts (they’re a nuisance in the retail business) so I contacted GES Security. I was gung-ho about it and prepared to go all out, but the customer service person I talked to actually talked me out of spending money! How often does that happen? I was told that I probably didn’t need all the things I was thinking about purchasing. Apparently, one of the largest factors in terms of stopping theft is deterring it, so my plan of essentially buying one of everything was overkill! I saved a ton of money and in the last few months since GES Security installed my security, thefts have gone down dramatically. Thank you!
Anna M., (Toronto, ON)
I own an office building and I needed a better, more efficient way to monitor who was entering and exiting. For the past 10 years we had the old “lock and key” solution. I don’t know how many times employees have lost their keys over the years, or how many times doors that should have been locked were left unlocked. And requiring multiple keys for multiple levels of access was, simply put, a hassle. I came to GES Security with my issue and they suggested their Access Control options. In no time, I had thrown away the antiquated “lock and key,” and finally stepped into the future. Now, I don’t have to worry about unlocked doors or lost keys.
I run security at a local business and needed to upgrade my system, as the security system I had been using was out of date about a decade ago! I heard about GES Security from an associate, so I checked them out. I was impressed when I gave them a call and a person picked up. That’s pretty unusual for this day and age. Anyway, I explained to them my specific needs (outdoor-accessible cameras: weatherproof, low-light vision, etc…) and they had the products I wanted at the price I wanted. They installed the cameras in a timely fashion, and set it up so I could access video footage from my smartphone, so I can keep tabs on security even if I’m away from the lot.
Michael G., (Vaughan, ON)

We were worried that one of our employees was stealing from our inventory. While we had cameras watching the store proper, we didn’t have anything in the back. Our employees knew this, but we never had issues before. We thought if we simply put a camera back there that it would tip the culprit off, but we didn’t just want it to stop, we wanted to catch the person responsible. Our employees are our family, and we can’t stand the thought of one of them being so deceitful. And so, we contacted GES Security about our problem and they suggested one of their Covert Cameras. We purchased the one that looks like a smoke detector. Within a few days we had the footage necessary to not only fire, but prosecute the criminal responsible.

Spencer & Emily V., (Richmond Hill, ON)