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About Us 

GES Security was established at 1996, and has been serving Toronto and the GTA for over 20 years

Our Focus:

Our installation include a variety of security solution all over the GTA with focus on homes, business & schools. The key for our successful company is customer service. Therefor we constantly improving and training our team with the right approach to our clients. We can assure you to be one of our satisfied clients. See our client response on our quality & service.

Services & Liability

Our Security Cameras,  Access Control & Barrier Free Washroom including Automatic Door Openers are all done by our certified professional techs who knows the equipment and can answer any questions regarding the installation and setup. We are providing security measures & tools that are above and beyond then other competitors. When we provide our security cameras to our clients in the Toronto & the GTA we can assure our Canadian clients to enjoy top quality devices that are way better than low end security cameras that are purchased elsewhere. Our CCTV solutions are simple and easy to accommodate single or large facilities that needs a full coverage. Our CCTV surveillance cameras with the integration of our KEYSCAN Access Control System provides you all your needs for security and access control for any location and monitored remotely.

Technical Notes

At this age and time more consumers requesting and demanding to have a good and reliable security system installed at their location to prevent thieves & burglars of harming them at anyway. As well we can provide wireless solution for example the Barn package that will provide remote monitoring and secure your animals, allowing you to monitor them from the comfort of your home. Our top notch systems comes with the latest and the most secured internet protocols as well with the new H-265  video compression, allowing our clients to view an HD streaming at a fast speed. We train our clients so they know they are in good hands and mostly secured. Our system is centralized and can aggregate a number of location into one monitoring screen, even due they are not at the same physical location. We are known to provide solution to old residential building that are wanting to upgrade their old security system to a newer HD security, however stop due to the cost of swapping the old coax wires to new wires, however we can provide a new solution that can cut the cost of swapping the wires and use the old wires and yet still provide an HD video at high quality by using the HDCVI analog compression. Combining our specialty and products we assure clients to enjoy an excellent HD quality and monitor it from any place via the current mobile devices.

Our Goal

GES Security, strive to provide a personalized experience, amending our approach to each individual client’s wishes.

Our list of customers includes Commercial facilities, Residential Building, Retail Stores & private homes. Our main goal is to provide top notch equipment to our clients so they can be worries free knowing our system can provide a vast of tools to protect them. We are proud in our work and happy to provide assistant and share our skills with our clients. Our knowledgeable & professional services make us a good fit to any task. We will take the time to explain and give you the best experience so you know you are in good hands.

Service location

GES Security serve Toronto & GTA. Our clients are homes owners, business, airports, stores and residential condos.

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Our services includes:

Way should you choose us?

  • We offer 3 Years Hardware Warranty on all our CCTV Products.
  • GES Security offers installation across Toronto and the GTA with our certified installers.
  • 24/7 friendly professional customer service support.
  • We conduct a clear & transparent contract with our clients, so you can be sure to get what you pay for.
  • GES Security will provide full training of our CCTV products to you and your staff.
  • We always offer the Best products & prices for any Security Solution we are providing.
  • We assure you to be a happy & satisfied customer.

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